Center Square Association, Albany, N.Y.

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Matthew T. Peter
Albany County Legislator 6th District

Gabriella Romero
City of Albany 6th Ward Common Council Member

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  • Grassroot Givers – Grassroot Givers receives gifts of books, clothing, and home essentials and gives them to those in need in our community.
  • The RED Bookshelf – The RED Bookshelf provides free children’s books on bright red bookshelves throughout Albany to ensure that all children have access to the benefits of book ownership, regardless of income level.


Residential parking permits are required to park for more than two hours on Center Square streets, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except federal holidays. Parking restrictions are suspended on federal holidays (except handicap spots, fire hydrants, etc.).

How to reserve spots for deliveries, etc.
You can reserve parking spaces for moving, loading trucks, vendor truck, special event, etc. You must call the Traffic Engineering Division at 518-434-5791 to reserve a space. There is a fee for reserving spots:

  • Up to 3 spaces is $25
  • 4-9 spaces is $50
  • 10+ spaces is $100
The “No Parking” signs are good for three days and can be extended at an additional fee of $15 per day. Click here for a schedule of bagging parking meter fees.


Trash, Recycling, Other Community Issues