Stoop Stroll Program

Albany Stoop Stroll and Garden Tour. June 25, 10am - 4pm, in Center Square and Hudson/Park Neighborhoods, Albany, NY. (Center Square Association logo, Hudson/Park NA logo, Historic Albany Foundation logo)

Stoop Stroll Houses

Look for balloons to indicate accessible gardens. View the Stoop Stroll Google Map. Remember to stop by Hudson-Jay Park at the end of Hudson Ave. and Jay St. for activities including a local vendor market, and to vote for your favorite. You can also vote via Venmo to @hudsonparkna (1$ equals one vote) and put your favorite houses’s address in the subject line.

Upper Hamilton St
(btwn Lark and Dove)

407 Hamilton St
399 Hamilton St
397 Hamilton St
393 Hamilton St — Garden
(Access via church parking lot)
375 Hamilton St — Garden
367 Hamilton St
365 Hamilton St
362 Hamilton St

Garden Alley

33 Garden Alley — Garden
29 Garden Alley — Garden
(Garden of 386 Hamilton St)

Dove St
(btwn Madison and State)

110 Dove St
91 Dove St
88 Dove St
47 Dove St
45 Dove St
37 Dove St
35 Dove St

Mid Hudson Ave
(btwn Lark and Dove)

340 Hudson Ave
326 Hudson Ave

Upper Jay St
(btwn Lark and Dove)

225 Jay St
221 Jay St
215 Jay St
212 Jay St

Mid Lancaster St
(btwn Lark and Dove)

213 Lancaster St
192 Lancaster St

Lower Lancaster St
(btwn Dove and S. Swan)

155 Lancaster St
152 Lancaster St
149 Lancaster St
147 Lancaster St
144 Lancaster St
141 Lancaster St
140 Lancaster St — Garden
132 Lancaster St
128 Lancaster St — Garden
(Access on Lower Jay St)
127 Lancaster St
126 Lancaster St — Garden
(Access on Lower Jay St)
124 Lancaster St
122 Lancaster St
118 Lancaster St — Garden
(Access on Lower Jay St)
116 Lancaster St — Garden
(Access on Lower Jay St)
114 Lancaster St — Garden
(Access on Lower Jay St)
111 Lancaster St — Garden

Lower Jay St
(btwn Dove and S. Swan)

170 Jay St — Garden
164 Jay St
161 Jay St
159 Jay St

Upper Chestnut St
(btwn Lark and Dove)

170 Chestnut St
168 Chestnut St
166 Chestnut St
164 Chestnut St
162 Chestnut St
158 Chestnut St
157 Chestnut St
151 Chestnut St
140 Chestnut St
136 Chestnut St — Garden
117 Chestnut St

Lower Chestnut St
(btwn Dove and S. Swan)

115 Chestnut St — Garden
112 Chestnut St
109 Chestnut St
104 Chestnut St
102 Chestnut St
97 Chestnut St
94 Chestnut St
66 Chestnut St
64 Chestnut St

State St
(btwn Lark and Dove)

334 State St
317 State St

toilet icon

Bombers – 258 Lark St
Pint Sized – 250 Lark St
Lionheart – 448 Madison Ave

Stoop Stroll Guided Tour

Be sure to keep a close eye out for your favorite. Voting for the ‘best stoop’ will take place 
at Hudson-Jay Park where we have many exciting events.

Free Tour of Lark Hall and Live Music (351 Hudson Ave) 

The historic Lark Hall will have live music 12-2pm, as well as free tours of the hall running 10am – 4pm.


Hudson-Jay Park Activities

Voting for your Favorite Houses!

One dollar equals one vote for the stoop of your choice. All attendees receive one complimentary vote. You will receive raffle tickets which you will then drop in the jar to vote for your favorite. You can also vote via Venmo to @hudsonparkna, and put the address of your favorite house in the subject line.

Kids Corner

Free books from Red Bookshelf, face painting, drawing and painting activities and a lemonade stand.

Flower Pot Raffle

A variety of flower and plant arrangements donated by local residents will be on display at Hudson-Jay Park. Join in the raffle for a chance to vote for and win your favorite. All proceeds go to benefit the continuing beautification and maintenance of the park. The winner will be announced at 3:30pm (you don’t need to be present to win, but we encourage you to watch the drawing and pick up your prize). 

Marvelous Market

More than 20 local vendors selling artisinal items.

Gardening Advice with Cornell Cooperative Extension 

Chat with Master Gardeners about your gardening woes or triumphs. They will be at the park providing advice, information, and answering your questions! 

Center Square Association, Historic Albany Foundation and Hudson/Park Neighborhood Association

Learn more about our organizations and the work we do for preservation and the community. 

Stoop Stroll Committee

Bonnie Mariano, Chair
Maureen Kruger, Chair
Rich Brash
Michelle Bruck
Alicia Demeree

Pamela Howard
Jennifer Miller
Kimberley Parker
Terrell Rabb
Jackaline Ring

Judy Stacey
Charlie Sullivan
Kerry Twomey
Kathy Varone
Chris Warner

Special Thanks

  • Our hosts who have beautified the neighborhood
  • Silvia Lilly and Marty Bannan, for photographing the event
  • Tom and Alice Pfeiffer
  • Jeffrey Gordon 
  • Lark Hall
  • Volunteers who make the day possible
  • Honest Weight Food Co-op, George’s Market & Nursery and M+K Greenhouses
  • City of Albany Department of General Services
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners

Stoop Stroll Presenting Organizations

Center Square Association is a not-for-profit neighborhood association located in historic Albany, NY, founded in 1958. The Association’s mission is to promote the quality of residential living in the city and to preserve the historic 19th century housing stock. | |

Historic Albany Foundation, established in 1974, preserves and protects buildings that have architectural, historic or civic value, by providing technical assistance, education, and advocacy, in addition to operating the Architectural Parts Warehouse. | |

Hudson/Park Neighborhood Association is a membership organization committed to providing owners, tenants and businesses with advocacy and resources that assure a high quality of life and sense of community. | |


Presenting Sponsor

Rose Sponsors

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Don Smith Real Estate Team. Keller Williams
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Tulip Sponsors

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Matthew Peter for County Legislature

Albany City Treasurer
Darius Shahinfar

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Sunflower Sponsors

Washington Park Conservancy
Brick House Insurance Agency

Albany Area Housing Opportunities, Inc.

Michelle A. Bruck

Chris and Courtney Burke

Doug Ebersman, CPA

Maureen Kruger

Madison Park Real Estate

Bonnie and Tony Mariano

Terrell Rabb

Jackaline H. Ring

Anne, John and Lauren Wasielewski

Petunia Sponsor